These works and their installation compose meditations on queerness, intergenerational trauma, identity formation, trans/feminism, binding as restrictive and (gender-, medically-) affirming, and suffocating maternal love. I make figurative forms that recall actions of hugging, binding, pulling, caressing, trapping, and holding back. 
From left to right:
Hard to Swaddle (2022), aluminum, steel screws, rayon fabric, thread, oil paint on canvas
Homecoming (2022), rock, steel, driftwood, screws
Buns’ Out! (2022), oil paint and acrylic paint on canvas
Fortune Has Arrived, or 福到了/福倒了 (2022), oil paint and acrylic paint on canvas
I’m Comin’ Out by Diana Ross (2022), steel, clay, rope, thread
Mother Knows Best, or 世上只有媽媽好 (2022), styrofoam, wood, driftwood, acrylic paint, rayon fabric, grass, fake grass, black thread, steel rod
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