I am a queer artist of Chinese descent, born in East Williamsburg. I am inspired by the spirituality of intergenerational relationships and immigrant family dynamics. I create biomythographies- personal histories constructed with the help of symbols and poetics- to explore how personal and ancestral histories metabolize in the body.  
My practice is an act of loving but critical self-discovery, both gender-inclusive and feminist.. I choose materials that reflect the qualities of my relationships: I hold the warmth of protective energies from my mother and grandmother in the layered oil paint of Before my bed, a pool of moonlight. I untangle conflicting emotions towards my late grandfather using pastel on fabric in Parinirvana on Powers St. I birth a future vision of my brother, one in which he can express himself despite resistance to his transgender identity, in the shimmering oil and acrylic paint of Buns Out.  
By giving form to the different voices within my family, I express the emotional and physical labor required to maintain love despite generational differences. Buddhist imagery is a common thread in my art, a source of power inherited from my ancestors. I use motifs such as the resting face of meditation, the spiral light rays emanating from Bodhisattva heads, and Guanyin’s trans water-moon manifestation to represent patience, protection, and queerness. I hope my work resonate with members of diasporic communities and all people who are constructing their sense of home and self with love and curiosity. 
graduated cum laude from Yale University in 2022 and hold bachelor degrees in art and molecular biology. I am currently studying lithography and medicine, and taking nature walks in my free time.
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