I was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and graduated from Yale University cum laude with Departmental Honors in my double majors of Art and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology in May 2022. 
My artistic practice is trans- and gender-inclusive feminist and material feminist, rooted in anatomical study and environmental science. I explore the spirituality of interpersonal relationships, particularly between queer and femme-aligned people. I investigate how people negotiate the boundaries of their bodies when they choose to be vulnerable with one another, as well as how bodies serve as vessels of memory and emotion for ourselves and our communities. 
My paintings are biomythographies—personal stories that use poetry to communicate emotions and lessons—that draw from intergenerational experiences of my queer, women, and Asian American families. My work is sensitive to, and inspired by, movement and my environment. For example, my art displays an intersectional approach to depictions of the body, be it sculptural metal forms that emphasize the action of binding or oil paintings of childbirth and bodily transformation through gender-affirming mastectomy.
We live in a time of stasis: starting at birth, my generation is wounded from the crossfire of national and planetary civil war. And yet, despite the technological and sociopolitical eugenic policies that overwhelm our purviews, we play. By revealing the details of my loved ones’ and my own lived experiences, I show the hope inherent in marginalized communities that continue to protect and preserve the dignities of our everyday lives. In this way, I develop new blood bonds with viewers in my imagined futures, where our bodies can be free to dance without fear.
I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY, and will be conducting research and making art abroad 
Fall 2022-Spring 2023.
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